Whiplash Injuries

At Restore Chiropractic, we often treat patients for cervical whiplash injuries. These most often occur as the result of a motor vehicle accident, sports injury, or physical trauma. When a patient is involved in a car accident, sports injury, or trauma where the neck (cervical spine) is violently forced into a rapid back-forth movement a whiplash injury is likely to have occurred. Symptoms often include minor to severe neck (cervical) pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, decreased cervical range of motion, and headaches. These are a result of the structures in the cervical spine (muscles/ligaments/tendons/fascia) being both hyper-flexed and hyperextended. Whiplash injuries are grouped into what is referred to as ‘soft tissue injury’. Soft tissue injuries result in damage to a wide array of non-boney structure and can result in either significant to minor stiffness, soreness and pain. It is also important to get a proper examination following a possible whiplash injury as structural damage such as misaligned vertebrae, herniated or slipped intervertebral discs, and fractures are possible.

We offer several treatments for a wide array of soft tissue injuries including whiplash. Passive modalities such as, electronic stimulation, ultrasound, and cold laser are designed to help relieve pain and decrease recovery time by promoting healing and decreasing inflammation of the inured tissues. If you are interested in any of the passive modalities Restore Chiropractic offers, we have a comprehensive list of the modalities and benefits in our “Treatment” sub-tab. After the acute inflammation and pain decreases, it is important to get adjusted as the misalignment of the cervical spine can predispose the patients to an array of health issues as time passes.

For more information on cervical whiplash injuries: https://www.spineuniverse.com/conditions/whiplash/chiropractic-care-whiplash

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