Neck & Back Pain

Neck (cervical) pain and low back pain (lumbar) are both common conditions treated by chiropractors worldwide. Both of these conditions are extremely common and result in billions of dollars spent and account for a disproportionally large number of missed days from work. In fact, low back pain has recently been indicated as the number 1 cause of disability worldwide.

Chiropractors are able to mitigate this pain and help align and increase motion in the spinal column. Restore Chiropractic utilizes chiropractic adjustments/spinal manipulation as well as muscular related therapies to resolve and prevent neck and back pain of all kinds.

The British Medical Journal published a study comparing chiropractic care (spinal manipulation) with physical therapy (exercise) and general medical doctors (counseling education and pharmaceuticals). The results of this study and so many other continue to clearly indicate that not only is chiropractic care effective and safe, it often outperforms physical therapy and drugs when it comes to neck (cervical) and back (thoracic and lumbar) pain. 

Restore Chiropractic believes in a multifactorial approach to health care we understand the benefits of chiropractic care, but we also understand the importance of all other medical professionals including physical therapists and general practitioners. We aim to bring safe and effective preventative care to our patients, but we also understand the importance of timely and appropriate referrals for cases that are indicated.

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