We accept all major insurances and have cash pay options for those without insurance. We also accept personal injury (PI) and Medicare patients. Book your appointment now by calling our office at (214) 771-3990!

Dr. Barlow and Dr. Turner provide high quality, personalized health care to each patient who walks through our doors. Using an evidence-based approach, our doctor’s provide services ranging from chiropractic adjustments, wellness care, sports injury rehabilitation, and prenatal and family care. All patients will receive a comprehensive head-to-toe assessment in order to ensure all areas of concern are being treated at subsequent visits. If appropriate, our patients can obtain x-rays in-house during an initial evaluation or following an injury. Following initial evaluations, patients can benefit from a wide variety of treatment, including chiropractic adjustments, electronic stimulation, muscle striping, red light therapy, and more. Where some clinics may have you in and out of the door in minutes, our doctors pride themselves on taking the time to address all problem areas in order to get each patient back to feeling their best.

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