Tips for Better Posture

We wanted to provide posture tips, especially for those nine-to-five employees working on the computer or at a desk all day. These people are more prone to stiffness, soreness, and pain in their neck, shoulders and back because they sit for long periods of time in the SAME POSITION. That leads us to our first tip!


  1. Keep Moving: Do not keep your neck or back in the same position for long periods of time. Engage in frequent movement in order to reduce risk for pain.
  2. Engage Your Core & Pull Shoulders Back: While seated, try to think about engaging your core by tightening your stomach muscles and pulling your shoulders back. This will keep from poor posture and slouching.
  3. Buy a Yoga Ball: Another thing you could try is sitting on a yoga ball rather than a traditional desk chair. This assists with tip #2, by forcing you to engage your core and other muscles to help you stabilize yourself during sitting.
  4. Create a Trigger: Come up with a task or action to triggers you to turn your attention to your body’s posture. For your desk job, it could be every time you go to write an email, every time your boss asks you what you’re working on (haha), every time you get a phone call, etc. Get creative and do what works for you, but whenever that trigger happens, pay attention to your body and re-position yourself.

Dynamic vs. Static Posture:

Dynamic (in motion) posture is more important that static or stationary posture. Problems arise when our static positions start to negatively affect our structure due to “poor posture.” Our bodies adapt to the stresses we put them under, both positive and negative. This is why it is important to be aware of positions of “poor posture” that you consistently put yourself in, as these are what will lead to negative changes over the long haul.

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