Health on the Harbor

This Saturday, Restore Chiropractic was involved in the Health on the Harbor event with several other health and fitness-related businesses in the Rockwall and Heath area. We are blessed with a community that is incredibly active in physical fitness and values living an active and healthy lifestyle and we love to serve athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and families that value taking care of themselves. We only have one body and we wholeheartedly believe that chiropractic care is one of the best ways to not only stay pain and injury-free but also to prevent future degeneration and the compounding effects of aging.

We had the opportunity to demonstrate what a full-spine adjustment entails, as well as several of the therapies we implement in our patient care including soft tissue mobilization and percussion therapy using the new Hypervolt tool! During our presentation, some of the questions we had from other health-related business owners, as well as event guests, had for us were what an initial assessment entails and how chiropractic care would be implemented for not only themselves but also for their children. We often have potential patients ask what ages chiropractic care is best for, so I want to take some time to explain why, like exercise and eating healthy, everyone (of all ages) should be preemptive about their health and utilize chiropractic care before they struggle with injuries or pain.

The body is dynamic and constantly adapting to the physical and emotional stresses of daily life. We, as chiropractors, align and mobilize joints as well as eliminate and prevent a vast majority of musculoskeletal related problems to allow individuals to better react to these stresses leading to less pain, fewer injuries, and less age-related ailments. This applies to patients of all ages. As the body develops. Children have the same joints as adults do, but they differ in that they are not yet fully developed. Children’s joints are cartilaginous in nature so they require different techniques. The adjustments (mobilizations) are done with an increased speed but with much less force. Studies have consistently demonstrated the safety of chiropractic care for children and teens and I believe that is something to emphasize. As parents, we are very protective of our children and want to make sure we aren’t putting them in harm’s way. Chiropractic care is one of the safest treatment options for our kiddos. Some of the most common conditions chiropractors treat in kids are colic, ear infections, sleep issues, gastrointestinal difficulties, and latching issues. If your child is experiencing problems in these areas consider reaching out to your local chiropractor.

When it comes to teens and adults the confusion about what chiropractic care is beneficial for tends to be better understood by the general public. We treat conditions such as; back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, bulging and herniated discs, frozen shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, pinched nerves, whiplash injuries and a variety of other issues often resulting from sport-related injuries or motor vehicle accidents. With some of the safest treatment options out there its important for everyone to attempt to rectify or prevent injuries with non-invasive therapies like we offer at Restore Chiropractic.

We hope you are having a great week and learned a little from this blog post. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us and remember to book an appointment with your local evidence-based chiropractor.

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