Eliminate Back Pain in 3 Seconds

Do you carry a wallet in your back pocket and have low back, mid back, or hip pain? 

Taking your wallet out of your back pocket might seem like a simple lifestyle change, but it can lead to a massive decrease in pain, especially in the back and hips. It doesn’t take a degree in biomechanics to realize that increasing one hip height by and inch or two leads to and uneven pelvis. This in turn forces your lumbar spine into a lateral curve to compensate for the difference in height. This continues all the way up to your midback, neck, and shoulders. The bottom line is that forcing your body to adapt to this uneven posture leads to increased stress on the entire spine. Combine this with years of continuing to sit on your wallet and you know have begun to cause actual structural changes in the spine itself. This may manifest as degeneration to the facets, degenerative disc disease, and pinched nerves. 

The takeaway of the is blog post is simple. Switch to a phone wallet or a wallet you can keep in your front pocket. There is no reason for anyone to being damaging their body for something as trivial and easy as switching your wallet!

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