Why You Need Percussion Therapy

We purchased a new chiropractic toy for the office (see picture above), and we’re excited for you guys to experience it! The Hypervolt is a PERCUSSION TOOL often used in chiropractic, massage, and the sports world. So, WHAT IS PERCUSSION THERAPY? Great question! Percussion therapy is the use of a massaging tool that provides rapid bursts of pressure to an isolated area of the body through vibration. The BENEFITS OF PERCUSSION THERAPY include:

⁃ the relief of pain, soreness or overall stiffness to the targeted muscle group

⁃ increase in circulation and blood flow to the muscles, as well as an increase in range of motion

⁃ warm up of muscles prior to therapies or athletic performance and increase in oxygenation to muscles (aka muscle recovery) after therapy or exercise

This therapy is ideal before and/or after your chiropractic adjustment as well as a workout, sporting event, or any type of physical movement. Another benefit we have not yet mentioned – IT FEELS AMAZING! With percussion therapy and a chiropractic adjustment your body will be extremely relaxed and ready for whatever is coming next, whether that be loosening up your muscles before a big game, relief from pain following an injury, or relaxing your muscles and sleeping more deeply. The benefits of this treatment will relate to EVERY SINGLE ONE of our patient’s lifestyles. Book your next appointment with us to start seeing results! Just click “BOOK NOW” to schedule with us.

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