What to Expect: Treatment at Restore Chiropractic

Hey guys, Dr. Barlow here with Restore Chiropractic. I just want to thank you guys for the opportunity to communicate more about what I do on a day-to-day basis as a chiropractor. I love that my career allows me to make people’s lives change for the better and I love the community of people I get to treat every day in Rockwall.

As a newer graduate and someone who worked as a physical therapy technician during undergrad before attending chiropractic school, I believe I have an updated view of integrated health care. During my last semester of chiropractic school, I worked as a chiropractor for the VA hospital and it really helped to instill in my mind the real need for an integrated health care system. At the VA, it’s common for patients to utilize chiropractic at the referral of their physicians and surgeons and the results speak for themselves. I witnessed so many people get off long-term opioid pain medication, avoid invasive surgeries and improve their quality of life thanks to chiropractic.

At Restore, we take a two-tiered evidence-based approach to all of our patients. Here on the left we have manual manipulation, commonly referred to as the “adjustment,” and on the right we have the soft tissue component, such as muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. As the manual medicine world has advanced, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals who deal with the musculoskeletal system are starting to incorporate more of a whole-person approach. With spinal adjustments, the goal is to get or keep the joints restriction-free, as a host of issues can occur as we age if the joints don’t move properly. With the soft tissue work, we are further removing fascial adhesions and scar tissue build up, which are often the result of past injury, poor posture and generally poor body mechanics.

We live in a world with information at our fingertips, and we want to use these findings responsibly in order to improve each patient’s overall health and optimize recovery. At Restore Chiropractic, we will only utilize manual therapies, tools, and modalities that have been researched to be both safe and effective. What’s more, EVERY patient is treated differently based on specific need (things such the patients sex and age as well as the mechanism of injury that they present with). I am sure some of you in this room have experienced chiropractors where you saw great results but the doctor wanted to see you several times per week for an extended period of time. My approach is different in that my care recommendations are tailored to what I feel is right for you and your body. What that means is that when someone comes in to my office for an initial exam, I am going to assess the body as a whole entire unit. Though I will recommend a consistent treatment schedule for some patients (typically those recovering from recent injury), I am not one to push a treatment plan and ask you to come in for three times per week regardless of your individual needs.

I hope this brought you more insight to what you can expect with treatment at Restore Chiropractic. To book an appointment with us, click the “Book Now” tab and schedule your appointment online.

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